Rune connected to transformation.

No rune arouses so much controversy, anxiety and fears. So what is this gaping empty white card?

Vainly you search for it in older furthurk.
It was introduced later as complemented of prophetic, runic aelt.
It is the beginning and the end, alpha and omega.
Energeticly similar to the black hole,
lures and attempts daredevils and fills of fear and misgivings those unprepared to road.
If, however, you give up control of its apparent frigid,
paralyzed of its work, you will stand in one place not allowing for circulation of rune aelt.
Nothing stands in the place, and who is not going ahead – vanishes.
It’s old proverb, but so true,
when we look at it through the prism of humanity and humanity’s development.
Sometimes this rune is compared to one of the tarot cards from Minor Arcanas
– The Death.

Today in Eurpean culture the death seems to be seen as the adjudication ,
we think about it with fear and misgiving. Fromerly it used to be seen as somthing natural , as crowned and continuation of life.
Yore it was known, that the warrior who is afraid of death, fighting with half of his strenght.

25th rune is the gate you need to cross, to be born again after passing whole 24th runic road.
This is necessary in order not to fossilize in your eyes, to know oneself and others from the beginning.
This mark may serve as a purification from the old habits and addictions or look at the certain problem.
You just must be ready to use it. Go through the portal. May you never run out of courage


Zdjęcie ©by Katarzyna Tracz 1.11.2002