It is rune connected with the beginning of life.
From old-Scandinavian it means season or lake,
but in this case it should be understandable as amniotic fluid.

An analogy to it are the words ;
„Water is the begging, pulse and breath of life”

Energetically this rune appeals to water deeply dormant in Earth’s crust.
Waters unpolluted by interference of civilization, and thus , men’s destructive activity.

This element being freed drips through the rocks or soars up with the force of geyser.
The it flows down and creates landscapes. So be as this stream carrying stimulating forces.
It is action this rune will always remind you to try to find the inner child in you.
What does this high-flown words mean?

Try to be curious traveler , who looks at the world through the infant’s eyes ,
flawlessly which was created by adults’ world. In pursuing your dreams,
try to find the source of your powers and abilities.

Be based on your creativity. Don’t try to wear somebody else’s trousers,
even if one looks glamorous in it. Each action it has to be your creation,
your small baby lead from it’s birth till the maturity.

Laguz exists for you to understand , that each child (it means each action)
is a visitor in your life.
It comes called by you to let you take care of it and show how it could exist in the life created by you.
In some moment the child (your action) are getting mature, and remember,
it is the time of make it free.
Make free as well it as you. Let you do this.
This rune shows that all the time you are the child who gets in know with the world.

This rune says:
„ You are the water of my lake. Take care of me, cause I am your womb which feeds you.
Being water, listen to my rhythm. I will clear you out and heal.

The therapeutic effects of this rune affects whole body and it involves the tunning
of vibration to pra-sources of all rivers. According to its characteristics Laguz protects
all aspects of new life, starting from plants and finishing on people.
This rune will take care of all pioneering actions.

It will be helpful when there is a need of new, fresh look at the problem.
It attracts helpful situations and people.
But at the same time it takes care that you bring your work to the happy ending.
Accept its gift as you were given the child, with child’s joyful and faith

Here is Laguz rune

This is the twenty-first rune of alphabet , the older futhark.
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Tyr’s aelt.
Energetically it belongs to the ring of Water.
In Scandinavian mythology its protector is the God of all seas and oceans – Njord,
Frey and Freya’s father
The names you can meet: Lagur, Laguz, Lagus, Lagu, Logr
Responding letter: L

Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny