Rune associated with freedom of action.
Translated from Old-Scandinavian, it means aurochs or drizzle.
Look, my friend, here is the true master of the forest. The ancient animal that roamed the woods. Free, independent, drawing its strength directly from the energy of Mother Earth. Its distant cousins: wisent and bison, seem to be meek like lambs compared to it.                 It inspired both awe and fear. As one of the few, it never fell slave to the human.
Don’t try to recall it. It is already gone.
Auroch, in all its strength, had the weakness of the giant: it could not reign its fury.            It could not see the traps while attacking blindly.
Yes, this youthful force which knows no boundaries, full of vigor and wild strength.
Uruz rune makes you constantly charged with that energy. It helps you remember not to store it too long, because kept at bay for a long time it may be the source of failures, frustrations and mistakes.
It makes you become akin to drizzle, which falls gently upon the earth, harming no one, feeding the world with the life-giving breath of the water.
It assists you in controlling adrenaline rushes and being hot headed, so that we harm neither ourselves, nor others. It reminds you of being grounded, and enables you to trot like a gazelle, instead of stamping like an ox. It cleanses you with water drops, not allowing you to dry, holind on to what you already have. It attracts people who will be helpful in realizing your plans, and those who will wisely reprimand you for too violent reactions.
You can draw strength and support of the auroch, rejecting its weaknesses.
Here is the Ursus.
It is the second rune of the alphabet of elder Futhark
It belongs to the domain or, in other words, to the house or the eight of Freya
Energy-wise, it is of Earth element.
In the Scandinavian mythology, the auroch – animal extinct ages ago – is it’s guardian
Occurs under the names: Urur, Uruz, Urus, Ur, Urookke
Corresponding letter: U

Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny