This rune is connected to Tyr God, Odys’s son
In its rite symbolizes arrowhead or spear.
This rune is related to the mode of action in the world around you.

If you are under its influence, remember that Tyr was the guardian of the gods and warrior’s ethics.
Remember, that your actions mustn’t be due to greed, hatred and fear,
because these are the three forces that can slow down or block your actions.In exceptional cases, being under the influence of any of these forces, you may lead to self-destruction
of your actions.

To prevent this from happening, first rate reasons of your actions, and then free fromenergy brakes,
move on ahead, cause you time has come. However remember, before action,
clearly and precisely defined the goal that you want to gain.
Prepare yourself in silence,gaining the appropriate knowledge,store the strenght to….
Move like an arrow released from the pagan’s bow.

When you move into battle, do not look around,
what’s more do not try with one arrow to hunt a few birds.
Act clearly and precisely,do not try to kill two birds in one stone, cause you only lose momentum, not reaching the intended purpose.

This rune is an excellent advisor and guardian for all the undecided and muddlers,
who walk through life trying to catch all the winds in one sail.
It will assist you in the demarcation of the course and consistent action,
until you reach the desired goal, no matter if these are ad-hoc or looking for your own path in life.

Do not try to be like a flag in the wind – warns this sign,
this is not consistent with the warrior’s code.
Tiwaz will protect you wherever you are going to fight for your ideals and freedom.
Attracting with its energy people and events that will be helpful in achieving these values.
Here is Tiwaz rune.

It is the seventeenth rune of of alphabet, the older futhark.
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Tyr’s aelt
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Air.
In Scandinavian mythology, Tyr, The One-Handed God of War , is its protector.
The names you can meet:Tir, Tiwaz, Teiws, Tiw, Tyr.
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