Rune connected to fate.
Apart of other meanings , from old-scandinavian it means javelin thrown

Among otner meanings in its rite is symbolizes womb, well and windlass
This rune is under the influence of Norn, old-ladies who spin the thread of life

From their will depends its length and durability. The control the time, but the time we see,
themselves being outside it- in a different dimensional space. They judge your life,
watching you and deciding if you gained the goal given to you in this incarnation.
Today, we believe that they are ruthless, and they just really do not like to waste .
If you stray too much from the path of your development they can lead in the place,
where go through foggy curtains breaking the thread of this life.

Petrio shows the desirability of the current incarnation.
Explains why you came here and now, in this place, time, country and family.
You shouldn’t be afraid of your destiny.
You’ve got only one way – the way of continuous development.

In everybody’s life there is the point when one analyzes its performance just before the break the yarn of existence.

It’s very important that you could stand head up in front of you and God,
with the thought
“It was worth”.

Norns, better known as Mojras, will manifest themselves every time you’ll stand up their laws,
downing on the meanders of life

This rune calls
“ Accept your fate with joy and confidence that it leads you to the isles of happiness, although right now you think it’s unfair”

Petriowill support the right decisions in line with your subconscious

It is assisted by its predecessor- Jera, but with the help of Eihwaz.
That;’s why it’s perfect symbol for philosophers, thinkers, historians and those who creat history.
It is guardian of soothsayers, fortune telling,
no matter what technique to predict the future they grow and what color or religion they are.
May the Norns kept the thread of your life as long as possible in their hands
Oto Petrio.
Here is Petro

It’s fourteenth rune of alphabet, the older futhark
It belongs to the field, or in the other words, to the home or Hagal’s aelt
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Water.
In Scandynavian mythology the Norn’s Home , place outside the time is its protector.


Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny