This is the rune associated with humanity and humanism.
In translation from old-Scandinavian it means a man (human).
In its rite symbolizes a man reconciled with himself, who has a friend in himself.

Most accurate analogy to this sign is well know motto of the Renaissance:

„Homo sum; humani nihil a me alienum put
„ ( I’m a man and nothing human is alien to me.)
Similar to representatives of the Renaissance, this run is focused on human being.
On one’s desires, dreams, aspirations, ways of thinking and perceptions in both ways:
self-perception and others

It refers to tolerance. See my friend – the man is neither white nor black.
One is created by its religion, way of upbringing and life experiences.
A man is gray in its existence
Understanding of its weaknesses ,eccentricity, greatness and smallness in one,
leads to to the fusion of good and evil, love and hate, fear and safeness, hunger and satiety.

This rune draws attention to ourselves, shouts :
„ If you want to understand yourself, look at the others,
listen to yourself to open your eyes to the people”.

Mannaz it is also understanding of female and male aspects in you.
They must be in balance, not pushed away or fought one of the other.
Woman -discover a small part of male in yourself,
but don’t let these features to dominate you.
Man – discover a woman inside you, but take care of yourself not to be emasculated.
That is what tis sign pay your attention to.

Thanks to this, much easier you will understand yourselves,
and you will be more open to each other..
Also thanks to this more you will be more harmoniously co-operate in Ehwaz”s rhythm with understanding
Sowilo and Berkana, to encroach mutual path of laguz.
Do you want to know why really somebody irritates and annoys you ?
– call Mannaz’s energetics
It will be easier for you to judge your own steps and others’ acting.

This rune will entice to you open-minded , tolerant but still with minor weaknesses people,
whose you need to understand.
This meetings are to help you in better recognizing your ego.
Mannaz will be helpful in searching out the true friends among people,
those who understand her real meaning.
This rune will support all humanists, writers, poets, thinkers and philosophers.
All those who have depression and anxiety problems as well as those who need to find faith in the neighbor are surrounded by its beneficent care.

Here is Mannaz rune.
It’s the twentieth rune of alphabet , the older futhark
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Tyr’s aelt
Energetically it belongs to the ring of Spirit.
Sometimes it’s called the rune of hate or love among people.
The names you can meet:Mananar, Mannaz, Manno, Mann, Madhr, Mafein.
Responding letter : M

 Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny