This run is connected to victory.
In old-sacandinavian it means sun.

In its rite symbolizes sunbeam, or , as some run researchers say, the lightning.
In the beliefs of your ancestors the sun has always took the highest position in the pantheon of Gods.

Sovilo is the remaings of solar cult, understood as connected inseparably
with positive male forces.

This mark is to be a guide for every man.

It says you:
„Be a warrior and a winner. Be a hero who through his wisdom and experience
based on its strength of body and spirit reaches the highest prizes”

This run is the warm of soul and acting. This is strength , thanks to it Earth is waking
up from its winter sleep.
Its strength, however, can be devastating at a time when there will not be support in the female element.

An example of misuse of the powers of this runic symbol may be SS formations.
Looking for protective talisman, propaganda apparatus of the Third Reich,
made an inexcusable mistake.

Introducing double Sowilo “ sentenced” the core of his army to self-destruct or,
as you prefer, for self-burnout.

So, what was the mistake?
According to tradition to strengthen the runic sign repeated it in sequences of three ( SSS), five (SSSSS) or seven (SSSSSSS) marks.
So what should be your solar Sowilo ?

It should be a combination of wise man, warrior and mage.

In order to win you should never move to the battle with the full force of your capabilities.

But before trumpets will sound alarm, look if you shouldn’t
at first use your cunning and prudence .

Using diplomacy you will gain more with less costs. But when other methods will fail, the sward could be solution. But only to show your enemy its weakness, not to kill.

The real victory will be achieved when you could change your enemy into an ally guarding your borders.

In the aspect of energy Sovilo has a strong impact forces of fertility and sensuality.
Like the pebble this rune warms frozen hearts and souls.

The force of this rune can free you from the impact of energy, heating inflexible structures.

But this will happen only when you will be really ready to accept its impact.

Sowilo is the model for men and object of desire for women because it shows the ideal man both in terms of male and female.
Wherever you will need strength, warmth, courage, you can refer to this sign.

This rune will watch your interior to burn with equally bright flame , attracting the right people and events that will be helpful in it.

At the end should be added that Sowilo will support you in your love conquests,
but be careful you do not overdone, because instead of warm you can incinerate
the earth turning it into energy barren desert.

Here is Sowilo.

This is sixteenth rune of alphabet , the older futhark.
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Hagal’s aelt.
Energetically it belongs to the ring of Fire.
In Scandynavian mythology Baldar , God of Sun is its protector.
The names you can meet: Sowelu, Sowilo, Saugil, Sigil, Ssigel, Sol, Soller.
Responding letter : S

 Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny