This rune is connected to emotional balance in your action.
In translation from old-Scandinavian it means the yew-tree.
This tree is the symbol of immortality.
It used to be holy tree came within reverence and protection.
As the only one it didn’t submit to the Frost Lady’s rule

I shine with green
Although the snowy
Cups around me

The yew-tree is the Lord of death and life-giver.
From its springy branches, the bows and the handle of axes were made.
The bow gives life to the hunter, and death to the fair game.
Eihwaz points that we should go hunting because of need, not pleasure.
Having the bow you are death-sower, so do anything you can ,
that it could be the gift for wanted and perseguir.
The bow protected from enemies’ attack. It was also to attack.

To confirm this duality of Eihwaz runeis the fact, that this tree,
especially prepared extract from its sap, was used to poison the arrows.
The same mixture, given in correct propotion was able to cure people.
This rune will keep an eye on you not to get to extremes.

“Saw the wind, reap the whirlwind” and „ You can kill everybody with kindness”

If you balance among this emotions, you will win and survive.
You will survive the Winter of your days thanks to resilience of action.

Eihwaz is the protector for the overexcitable people.
It is useful for the doctors of souls like: psychiatrics, psychoanalysts and psychologists,
as well as for priests.

As the curiosity I ‘ll tell you that this rune has its female counterpart in the calendar of names
Eihwaz – Iwaz – this is celtic Iv – in Polish Iwona.

Be a wise hunter, otherwise you will be hunted.

Here is Eihwaz rune

It is the thirteenth rune of alphabet of elder futhark
It belongs to the field, or in the other words, to the home or Hagal’s aelt.
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Earth.
In Scandynavian mitology the God Uller, the Lord of Death and Sport Games, is its protector
The names you can meet: Ihwaz, Ihwar, Eihwaz, Iwaz, Iw, Yr.
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Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny