In translation from old- it means hesitance and heartache.
In its rite is symbolizes two pieces of wood rubbed to light a fire.
Analogy to meaning and message of this rune is well-know child’s poem:

“Donkey in the troughs was given
in one oats, in second hay”

Today who remembers what happened to this friendly pet/
The story has tragicomic ending.
Unable to decide what to eat, friendly donkey died of hunger.
Naudiz pays your attention that you have to start making decisions.
As it’s not enogh to dream of doing or achieving sth.
You have to make an attempts to start.
If you want to leave, at first decide where and why. Then go to buy ticket and get in the train.

To achieve you target be consistent in your actions.
Grab the lying sticks with hope, and rube them stronger and stronger.
This rune withe energy of blowing-up fire will support your decisions,
to be wiser and thoughtful.
It will light you path not to sidetrack from once chosen direction.
„Don’t follow your own trace” – warns it energetics.
Used in wise manner is very useful to all coach potatoes, to liven them up.
It will ward off every day’s quandaries.

Here is Naudiz rune.
It’s the tenth rune of alphabet , the older futhark
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Tyr’s aelt
Energetically it belongs to the ring of Air.
In Scandinavian mythology Norna Skuld who keeps the thread of future is its protector.
The names you can meet: Naudir, Nautiz, Nicht, Nyd, Nied, Naudr
Responding letter : N

Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny