The rune associated with transformation and rebirth.
In the translation
from the ancient Scandinavian means hail.

In one of its modifications in its rite symbolizes the snowflake.

The motto of this rune can be the words : 

Hail as icy rain drops
Mercilessly wipe out
any Weeds

In your greed, you can often stick to what you have already achieved, what you already have.
This state charge you as ivy. Look, the ivy seems it is
vibrant with life, but it steals the light.
If you are in its tangle, you stopped in a place.
You are choking with your won breath.
Hagalaz it is the rune catalyst, catalyst for changes.

They came to release you. If you resist, it overturns your world upside down,
showing the roots that are strohig.
It shows the situations that you created on your own.
Hail is sometimes a curse for blinded. Changes are coming?
– Go up onto the wave and follow it. See where it will carry you.

Bless her, as you are standing in one place far too long.
After showing what is wrong, Hagalaz stops and removes this element.

At the same time by its strength and energy of water
it powers the ground you are standing on,
strengthening the foundation of your life.

It brings new, life-giving thoughts, situations and people, who help you to understand them.
The guardian of interesting creatures, the world and people.
Makes sure that this state of rapture has not been stepped on with life.
It shows the existence of another higher perspective. May it always stood beside you.

Here is Hagalaz rune
It is the ninth rune ofof alphabet, the older futhark.

Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Hagal’s aelt.
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Water.

In Scandinavian mythology , Norna Urd responsible for fate and lot, is its protector.

Usually it is attributed that the rune lies in the hands of the Goddess Hel, whose heirloom is in the kingdom of death.

Meeting names : Hagd, Hagalaz, Haegl, Hagal, Hagall.
Responding letter: H

 Kalendarz  Runiczny