Rune connected to hiding

In translation from old-scandinavian it means the ice.
It symbolise the quartz crystal in its rite.

Isa is like the ice that ice-bounded the river during the winter.
Under the bonds of ice , the river lives long life, it is vibrating with energy and cumulates it.
It is waiting for spring first sunlights to move with the impetus of crazed element.

Released it destroys evertything what restriced her before.
Isa is like the bark which round up the three with its coat.
It protects you from the elementsthat can harm you and destroy your delicate nature.
Draws your attantion to the fact, that in your acting you should show ready,
excellent creation of your thoughts and hands.

Don’t pride yourself on what you are doing, show what you have done – it whispers to you.
Otherwise you may meet with the criticism ,that throw you out of balance,
planned direction and may take away the desire to create.
You will loose the strenght, energy and desire to finish what you have just started.
There is also one more possibility – someone being jealous may do everything
to steal your idea or just to destroy it. Remember – the success has always got few fathers,
while the defeat is an orphan.

This rune will draw your attention to the limits,
which are ahead of you and are made by other people

It will also protect you agains „golden cages”, which close your growth.
It is very suitable for envious people – it helps them to understand that feeling is like the salt.
Even a bit of it makes the test of life much better.

On the other hand the whole salt-shaker thrown to the partnership makes
„the dish” indigestible, and even homicidal.

Remember my Friend, operating time of this rune is gathering
the energy needed to overcome anything what stops and limits you

Winter doesn’t last forever

Here is Isa rune

It is eleventh rune of alphabet, the older futhark

Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Hagal’s aelt.
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Water.

The names you can meet : Isa, is, iz, eisaz, eisas

Responding letter : I

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