Rune connected with active protection

In translation form old Scandinavian it means the giant or thorn

In its rite symbolizes the shield

It could be said that it tells you : „ Avoid the loud and aggressive people”

In this case , the giant is a very powerful warrior – fierce, aggressive and nasty.
Staring at its own goals, he can’t see that he tramples others

Here is a man who by his own limitations uses his power and strength in a way that is not always right and positive . Sometimes this is due to being infantile , or just selfishness.

He simply doesn’t realize his own potential and behaves like an elephant in a china shop. Especially when it relates to women.

This rune helps you stop and enslave your giant. At the same time it will protect you from people who are interested only in inflicting the pain.
Consciously or unconsciously. On the both levels: physically and mentally.

Could be used as a kind of defensive shield.

But remember that in its action that rune reminds stockade.

If you are hiding too much after it, no-one will have access to you.

Thurisaz will protect you from enemies and friends will be attracted,
who know the way to your castle.

But remember not to hurt others

Here is Thurisaz

The third rune of alphabet, the older futhark.
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Frey’s aelt
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Fire.
In Scandinavian mithology its’ protector is God Thor, the enemy of evil, whose attribute was The Hammer called Mjoelner
The names you can meet: Thorn, Thorisaz, Thorisas, Thuith, Thurse, Thhors.
Responding letter : Th

Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny