This rune is connected to protection.
In a moment you will tell me my friend , tahat each rune is protective in its aspect,
and of course you are right.
However this rune is more like a luminous dial.

In translation from old-Scandinavian it means the elk’s doe.
In its rite appeals to the three Forces.

The first symbol connected to this rune are elk’s horns.
This animal due to its construction and the mass is moving very awkwardly,
it can be said comically.
But once he was considered to be a magical animal.
In the old beliefs the areas of marsh, swamps were home to Gods of different type and temperament, were impenetrable and inscrutable.
Who recklessly ventured there, most often not returning home.
But the elk safely passed through the swampy backwoods.
Despite its apparent awkwardness ,it became to the battle in defense of their offspring.
Wolves fled seeing its flat and big horns.

The second symbol connected to this rune is the paw-print of the nex magical animal.
It is the Swan, the Lord of azure waters of the skies and sky meadows.
Once unattainable for people.
Have you seen this proud bird?
Have you seen, as he defends its territory with determination and stubbornness
of the great white feathered warrior?

The third symbol is the man standing on the ground with arms outstretched upwards.
One is like a bridge between the earthly and heavenly.
In this position he is open for the falling upon him the divine and cosmic energy.
This energy surrounds him like a soft cocoon of tulle becoming the shield,
which on the one hand feeds the vital forces,
but on the other hand passes only the positive and constructive forces,
hampering everything what is evil and destructive.

This man knows he is a unity and a part of the universe. He does not stop this force in itself, passes it on to Mother Earth. Thus, he is even stronger by rooting himself.

Elhaz teaches you how you should protect yourself against the dangers of life.
It is similar to the Guardian Angel, as always, day and night, standing on your guard.

Here is Elhaz .

It is the fifteenth rune of of alphabet, the older futhark.
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Hagal’s aelt.
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Spirit
The names you can meet: Algir, Elhaz, Algis, Eolh, Olh, Eileadh
Responding letter : Z

Short history lesson so runes shouldn’t be used.

In 60’s starting from USA , pacifist movement began its expansion ,
it was hippie movement.
Their emblem became peace symbol.

At first nobody noticed but it shows reversed elhaz in circle At the begiinig the hippie groups were rejoiced over attention and liking. The ideas proclamed by them were approved:
human equality regardless of race and origin
– it gave gave the foundation of liberation to many colorful tribes around the world.
Caming back to rutes and nature
– it initatied to forming new age movement and groups fighting to preserve
the natural environment for future generations
resisting to violence and war in the world
– it opened eyes of the whole world to Vietnam’s and Cambodia’s War.
However, at some point, something started to go wrong.

Governments and the media has changed the front. In their eyes Hippie became anarchists, slatterns, drug addicts.
Reversed and entered the circle Elhaz une, instead bringing protection and peace,
somehow provoked into aggression.
And it wasn’t aggression inside the group whose emblem it was. It proveked to attack that group.
Here is one of the examples, how some symbols shouldn’t be used as long as we don’t know their original meaning and operation.

Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny