It is rune connected to the time

From old-Scandinavian it means a year, but a year as the time of growing plants.
It’s its rite it symbolize the harvest

How does this rune work?
The best time of working for this rune is the night from 31
st December to 1st January.
Please remind yourself how people behave in this special night.
What are their moods?

Just before midnight, they are standing with the glasses of champaign ,
memorizing the past and waiting for the future with hope.

This rune supports your development,
and watching out you to remember about importance of specific details of your acting.

Your are like reaper taking a toll of your work.
Before you start to harvest you must make a decision what you want to do.
Later you need to gather needed tools and knowledge
( and here Jera refers to Inguz’s energetics )

You plow, prepare the soil, seed and….look after what you seeded. You care that the plant of your actions not to be wasted. If it’s needed you water it, and remove the weeds.

Just to harvest of your effort is the time of harvest festival.
Time of thanksgiving and joy.
You hold the glass of champaign.
Jera rune will ensure that it won’t be gall and wormwood.

So this rune will guard you accuracy and scrupulousness of you acting.
It will attract people and events, which you need to finish your plans.
On the other hand it will remind you about the forgotten and neglected elements.

End crowns the work” – sign up it with pleasure. Let your hand never shakes.

Here is Jera

The twelve th rune of alphabet, the older futherk.
Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Hagal’s aelt.
Energetically it belongs to the ring of Spirit.
The names you can meet:Jara, Jer, Jero, Jero

Responding letter : J

 – Kalendarz  Runiczny