This rune is connected to fertility.
Its patron was Ing God – aspect of male fertility.
In its rite symbolizes the seed during germination or the egg just before the chick hatching.
The power of this rune is enchanted in magic moment of early spring when the snowdrops are showing.
Her strength comes from strength of seeds, swelled by the power of evolution,
just before the growth blows up.

The message of Inguz can be the words:

The fawn is standing in the shadow of trees hidden
Then it changes into Deer
The Lord of Wood
The tremendous, mighty animal
With huge strenght and wisdom
But it must remember
There are some creatures
In need of shadow
To hide in it.

Among the many meanings, this rune is vested with great force and energy closed in dreams.
Remember that they are like clockwork spring. Winded up they give impetus and momentum of activity,
but ignored or forgotten cause that our life becomes meaningless,
monotonous and inhibitory.
Remember about the gardens of dreams.
Foster it every day, every hour. Heated in this manner, they will wake up like the seeds,
changing into beautiful plants. But you must pay attention where these desires come from.
Do they come from poisoned lands of unnecessary aspiration, pride and arrogance or not.
Some dreams are like weeds, would they never deaden your mind.

Inguz has motive power of realization, helping by attracting relevant events and people.
If, from any reasons, you can’t reach the Earth’s energetic and also fails appealing
to feminina rune Berkana, the God’s rune Ing becomes the portal which makes easy the harmonization.

Spiritual guardian of this rune is, among others, Cernunos, the Celtic God – Lord of Forest.
It is usually shown as the man or muscular young man, with his head crowned with
a crown of deer horns.
This is the aspect of the cosmic manly forces in our valley of tears.
It is him, who ate first is an Earth’s child sleeping during the winter in its womb as the seeds.
It’s him , who is waking up with first primroses piercing the thin snow in the spring.
Later , thanks to the transformation becomes a man and a bridegroom of earth.
Just to be a part of it in the friuts gathered during the autumn.
By the end he symbolically dies in the winter and fells into temporary hibernation.
Till the next birth.

Oto runa Inguz. Here is Ingusz rune

It is the twenty-second rune of of alphabet, the older futhark.

Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Tyr’s aelt
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Earth
In Scandynavian mythology Ing – Male God of fertility is its protector
Common names: Ing, Inguz, Ingwaz, Unggus, Iggws, Yngri, Innte.
Corresponding to the letter : Ng

Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny