The rune connected with travelling.
In literal translation from old-Scandinavian it means the wheel or horsemanship.

In its rite symbolizes war-drums

It could be said, she says „ where are you rushing clothed in steel”

Among analogies to this rune, one of the most accurate is looking at oneself as at the coachman of chariot.
In old times the chariot was the meaning of transport, it could be used for charming rides.
But most often it was used in the fights. It spread devastation, but it should have been careful,
as our allies could have gotten under the hooves of mad horses.

If your nature is activity, watch not to destroy the rows of friends and acquaintances.
Don’t run into war amok. Have your eyes widely open.
If you act, warn about your intention, let your allied have time to hide behind your back.
Here is the rune improving your capacities for leadership.
It looks after wanderers at the tracks of Earth, and wilderness of the worlds behind it.
It is related with far travels connected with the need of changing
the place and all these wonderful changes inside you.
It is quite difficult rune, it makes you think about purposefulness of you acting and maturation.
Raidho supports action, reducing chaos coming out of it. It attracts people,
who will assist you in your growth. It supports and protects your dreams.
It protects you from nightmares.
It helps you to understand your dreams so you could find out something about
the questions that torments you.
It concerns people and events from your past and present as well as future.
This rune loves orde, precision and purpose in acting.. So it perfect for muddlers.
And those who have mess on their desks, and those who can’t help with it in their lives.
If you act you should know what you are doing.
Here is raidho.
It is the fifth rune of alphabet of elder futhark

It belongs to the field, or in the other words, to the home or Frey’s aelt

Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Air

Sometimes it is compared to the Wheel of Fortune.
The names you can meet: Radiu, Raidho, Raidha, Rad, Reidh, Ruig

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