The rune connected to fair law.

In its rite and also fromold-Scandinavian it means the horse.

Greeks had its own the Godness of Law, Justice and Good Manners. Themis,
as we are talking about her, was shown as a female figure with scales in his hand and shrouded eyes.

Scandinavians had the Rune Ehwaz

Righteous any court
eight-legged horse leads”

To understand the meaning of this rune,
look at my friend carefully onto the war-chariot with two horses harnessed to it.

It is perfect when two horses are running in one direction in in one rhythm.
The chariot then moves freely without obstacles.
In many cases, however, the horses instead to act jointly, they set against each other and the coachman
Each of the pulls in its own direction.
This can only lead to weakening of their power and destruction of the whole chariot.

Rune Ehwaz shows you the purposefulness of the fair law.
It aims to maintain stability and unity of individual, family, clan, tribe and country, thus uniting their strength.

So, wherever you are appealing to the fairly judge of the situation, this rune will be helpful.
At the same time, it will point out situations in which your actions are not compatible with its vibration.

This rune is the carer of lawyers’, politicians’ and people who are in charge,
not forgetting about those who are aggrieved by the law.
No matter if you are senator, mayor or head of a tiny company.
It will be very helpful wherever is the need of mutual engagement, collective working rhythm for yourself and the community.

Take a look at one more energetic of this rune.
The horse and its magic accompanied the mankind for centuries.
Ehwaz, and among other, Celtic Epona are reflected of this cult.

Horse – friend and companion in travel, defender and irreplaceable slogger in every day struggle with life.
However, if you want him to be like this, you a need for absolute cooperation and collaboration of both lives: a man and a horse.

Then they form a unity, a horse and rider.
In this sense Ehwaz rune is associated with strength, speed, rush,
and the
co-operation between man and nature.

This run is as if linking two Laguz runes,
so it is like common play of two peers through work to create new value,
which is important for both of them. Imagine how far hymans walk away from this ideal

One’s forgotten that nature shouldn’t be enslaved , but co-operated.

In this meaning, this sign will be attributed to all, who work for nature, or try to enslave it.
Being under the influence of this rune, they might understand the rules which reign it.

Law of nature

Law of human
Where the Roman’s law
Divide and rule
It doesn’t matter any more.

Here is Ehwaz rune.
It is the nighteenth rune ofof alphabet, the older futhark

Belongs to the field or in other words, home, or Tyr’s aelt
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Spirit.

In Scandinavian mythology its’ protector is Sleipner – Odyn’s horse.
The names you can meet:Ior, Ehwaz, Aihwaz, Eh, Eoh, Lor, Eirich.

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Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny