In translation from old-Scandinavian it means the gift.
In its rite it symbolizes the “open” man standing in the X-position.

The most adequate motto for this rune are the words:
If you have – endow
Endowing you are given
Be always loved
And always love

The rune points the living in the harmonious relationship with yourself and the others.
Than understanding your Jing and jang , you will be able to pass the gift of Gebo to others.
You won’t feel ashamed to ask for help and to give help.

This is rune of stability, giving and taking, Pleas, pay attention,
that this rune consists of four-time retaken Kenaz rune.
In works on all energetic levels, based on four basic earth elements to reach the unity.
The unity with the God, yourself and people.

 It will be the protektor for pe ople who are used by others.
It will be push away people, who are interested only in taking.
Also it will show you where it takes place in your life and why.
So it is protector against stealing on the level physical as well as life energy.

It is very useful to repair the feud couples ,
who can’t find the common life rhythm from different reasons.
It supports love, friendship and partnership.
Gebo is the gift, divine gift.
The life breath send to every being during the birth time.
It doesn’t matter if this being just hatched or left mother’s womb or earth.
Respect this gift. Don’t squander it without need.

Be happy and give the life

Here is Gabo rune.

It is the seventh rune of alphabetof elder futhark
It belongs to the field, or in the other words, to the home or Frey’s aelt
Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Fire.
In Scandynavian mitology the God Freya, called the Great Giver is its protector.

The names you can meet: Gufu, Gebo, Gibo, Geofu

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