Here is Kenaz

The rune connected with work.

In literal translation from old-Scandinavian it means torch or mirror.

In its rite symbolizes the mirror.

It says to you:

Shine with your own light, not reflected.

Be the lantern in the darkness of night

Look for masters and be the master

And when you reach that state

Teach and learn from your students

This rune is the guard of your attitude to the professional development, but also it takes care of the matters of science or education. In old time there was the division into guilds.

So strictly hermetic ( almost secret) fraternity taking care of their profesion

The learner was:

Apprentice ( seeker)

Journeyman ( helper and subcontractor )

And at the end one became:

Master ( supervisor, performer and teacher all-together )

All jobs, or works have its own secret mysteries. Try to know them, and to be the best in what you do.

 Carry the the torch of knowledge proudly.
Don’t wave it, cause you will burn the others, or , what worse, you will set the fire.,
what destroys all your and others efforts. Remember my friend.
This rune take cares of all aspects of your professional life. It makes that you do it wisely, well and with satisfaction.

 Kenaz guards you, not stop in your progress.
It will arrange all the stages of your climbing up all the steps of your career.
It is perfect for all lazybones, but also it helps all sloggers.
It is perfect for teachers, students and pupils. It makes better the studying,
gathering the knowledge, attracting the proper people.

Here is Kenaz

It is the sixth rune of alphabetof elder futhark

It belongs to the field, or in the other words, to the home or Frey’s aelt

Energeticly it belongs to the ring of Fire.

The names you can meet: Kanua, Kenaz, kenas, Kusma, Cen, Ken

Responding letter : K i C

Spawdz, która runa opiekuje sie Twoją datą urodzenia – Kalendarz  Runiczny